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Watch Activists Storm The Stage at USCA, Protesting Neglect From CDC

Protestors from across the nation have a message for Dr. Robert Redfield: "You can't end this without us!" 

HIV Treatment Drug Doravirine Expecting FDA Approval In 2018

Announced at the #AIDS2018 global conference in Amsterdam the drug is another innovation for those beginning treatment.

Has Hurricane Harvey Disrupted Your HIV Meds?

Get the latest official state info about continuing or regaining access to your meds during and after this natural disaster.

New Treatment Option Developed for HIV

Numerous recent developments in HIV treatment were announced at the 9th International Aids Society Conference on HIV Science — among them, a new alternative for dolutegravir-containing regimens.

Hookd Launches Next-Generation Dating App for Gay and Bisexual Men

Hookd founder Daniel Joseph promises the first major revolution in the hook-up app arena since the launch of Grindr.

Donor Cells After Transplant May Not be the Only Cure for HIV

Researchers study patients to find cure for HIV that reaches beyond bone marrow transplant recipients.

Lawsuit: Museum Worker Bullied By Boss for Being Poz, Gay

After disclosing his HIV-positive status, Peter Bryan Torres says that his supervisor at the American Museum of Natural History bullied and harassed him out of his job of ten years.

Can This Experimental One Time Treatment Leave You Undetectable?

A clinical study involving the combination of two HIV vaccines and another drug to treat cancer found impeccable results for a possible one-time HIV treatment. 

STUDY: Regular Use of PrEP May Reduce Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections

Contrary to popular opinion, gay and bisexual men who use PrEP can reduce sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia and  gonorrhea  by up to 40 percent.

Can California End AIDS Without the Affordable Care Act?

Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco were making huge dents in transmission. Thanks to Republican lawmakers, that could all end.

Antigay Pastor Eddie Long, Once Accused of Sex Abuse, Dead at 63

The Atlanta-area megachurch leader was accused of coercing young men into sex.

Charlie Sheen Says He's Undetectable on Experimental Injectable

The actor says he experienced zero side effects, and arrived at a undectable viral load after less than a year on PRO 140 injections

Deadly Shigella Oubreak Among LA's Gay and Bi Men

An uncommon strain of the Shigella bacteria has led to the death of at least two gay men in Los Angeles County.

UPDATED 6:30 PM ET: Is Gay Blood Ban Lifted in Wake of Orlando's Mass Shooting

Orlando's out Commissioner Patty Sheehan calls for a temporary lifting of the GBT blood ban and local hospitals seem to follow suit.


Breaking: Kerry Thomas HIV Criminalization Appeal Dismissed

The Idaho man serving 30 years for non-disclosure must now put his hopes in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

What's Behind A Rash of HIV and STD Outbreaks?

It depends on who you ask.

Will How to Get Away With Murder Change How We View People With HIV?

With groundbreaking portrayals, How to Get Away With Murder star Conrad Ricamora and Looking’s Daniel Franzese played the only HIV-positive characters on television in 2015. Here’s why they agree that’s a huge problem and what TV producers should do about it.

Does This Common Birth Control Increase Your Chance of Getting HIV?

Petitioners cite studies linking birth control to increased HIV infections.

Two AIDS Organizations Publicly Battle Over PrEP

Two HIV foundations in opposition over PrEP take the battle to the editorial pages.

HIV Activist Miley Cyrus Comes Out as Bisexual, Gender Fluid

Candid as ever, the pop superstar discussed her own sexual orientation and gender fluidity.