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Charlie Sheen Says He's Undetectable on Experimental Injectable

Charlie Sheen

The actor says he experienced zero side effects, and arrived at a undectable viral load after less than a year on PRO 140 injections

Charlie Sheen claims he is undetectable after being part of CytoDyn's Phase III clinical study of PRO 140, an injectable antibody vying for FDA approval, which is thought to be less toxic and with fewer side effects than daily antiretrovirals. 

In an exclusive interview in the  Daily Mail, Sheen says he received the news last week via tex message from the head of his clinical trial, who told him he achieved complete suppression, making him undetectable, which means he is unable to pass the virus to negative partners. 

Biotech firm CytoDyn’s Phase III study was the final test before seeking FDA approval of PRO 140. Its previous phase showed a 98 percent success rate in viral suppression, and researchers say it has the potential of treating other disorders, like inflammatory diseases, autoimmunity, and cancer. 

Like its competitor, Selzentry, PRO 140 targets a protein receptor that prevents HIV from entering T cells. However, PRO 140 is believed to be less toxic and with fewer side effects.

The actor came out as HIV-positive on the Today Show last year, as Plus reported, by a desire to stop extortion efforts by those who threatened to disclose his status — a secret he paid people $10 million to keep under wraps. 

As he said in an interview with Hollywood Reporter while going through the clinical trial, “there are no side effects, none. It is one shot every week, instead of a handful of toxic pills every day. It is the closest thing to a cure that we could possibly have right now.” 

It’s no secret that since coming out, the actor has been open to alternative treatment as an antiretroviral replacement, including a controversial theory from a doctor claiming he cured Sheen’s HIV through goat’s milk. 

“It's impossibly amazing,” Sheen told Daily Mail in an exclusive. “Personally, I think about how I felt on the day and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation. One minute you're on the road to perdition, the next you're on the road to providence. It's amazing. I thought for sure I'd be stuck on that cocktail forever, but look at me now. I'm so grateful for the geniuses at CytoDyn for developing this and finding me.”

It’s important to note that PRO 140 injections do not work for every strain of HIV, just R5. But data shows that 70 percent of people living with HIV have R5, as well as 90 percent of new infections.

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