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HIV treatment

Dietary Supplement Could Reverse HIV-Related Organ Damage

Researchers tested MitoQ on HIV-positive mice with encouraging results.

Fifth Person Cured of HIV

A stem cell transplant effectively replaced the patient’s entire immune system, according to reports.

Human Trials to Begin for Moderna's HIV Vaccine

Can Moderna use its COVID-19 technology to end HIV?

How Close Is a Once A Month PrEP-Like Drug?

A $122 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will help find out.

Plus 143 July Aug. Issue: Gracie Cartier's Evolution, Treatment Guide

The latest issue of Plus includes talk show host, model, and celeb hairstylist Cartier, along with our ninth Treatment Guide.

'Outbreak' of HIV, Syphilis in Minnesota

The Duluth area reported a disturbing rise in new cases of HIV and syphilis.

The Talk: A Beginner’s Guide on Finding Care and Treatment

People living with HIV bravely share their stories on finding care and treatment in Plus’ forthcoming video series, The Talk.

New HIV Treatment Option Greenlit

The FDA expanded approval of ViiV Healthcare's Dovato, making it available to HIV-positive people not new to treatment.

Is the Secret for Potential HIV Vaccines Hiding in Our Butts?

Bacteria could be a key component in an effective vaccine.

The London Patient, Cured of HIV, Reveals Identity

Adam Castillejo is only the second person to be cured of AIDS, and he wants to share his story.

The Vatican Is Now Addressing HIV Issues

In a historic move, the religious institution is expanding testing and care for HIV-positive kids.

HIV's Latest Symptom: Abdominal Obesity

Not only does HIV slowly wear down the immune system — now it also makes you fat.

FDA Approves Two-Drug Regimen For People that Are Undetectable

The approved drug, Juluca, is the first complete treatment regimen containing these two drugs to treat certain adults who are virologically suppressed.

Mixing Alcohol With Your HIV Meds: What You Need to Know

While it's known that mixing alcohol and drugs isn't toxic, does it have serious side effects? 

Aging With HIV Just Got Worse Under Trump

The federal government will stop collecting data on LGBT seniors. That’s bad news for their health.

Never Miss a Dose with this New Rx Cap!

Innovative new product tracks when your prescription bottle was last opened.

LGBT and People Living with HIV Need To Take Charge in Healthcare Debate

Access to health care under ACA has brought huge benefits to those at risk of and living with HIV.

Could Shirtless Photos Lead People to Get an HIV Test?

Eight out of ten counties in the United States that are most vulnerable to HIV are in Kentucky according to a new campaign.

#AskTheHIVDoc Season 3, Ep 18: Switching?

Dr. David walks you through what to consider if you're thinking about switching your meds.