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In the Pipeline


Although no major medications are expected to hit the market in the next few months, the drug pipeline does contain a handful of candidates that are reaching the research stage of final clinical trials. ENTRY INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code (with Drug Class), Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' DP-178 (fusion inhibitor), Preclinical, Weizmann Institute ' GP41 inhibitor, Preclinical, Locus Pharmaceuticals ' GSK706769 (CCR5 blocker), Phase I, GlaxoSmithKline ' IC9564 (BA entry inhibitor), Preclinical, Duke University ' INCB15050 (CCR5 blocker), Phase I, Incyte ' MDX-010 (CTLA-4 blocker), Preclinical, Medarex ' PF232798 (CCR5 blocker), Phase II, Pfizer ' PRO-140 (monoclonal antibody), Phase II, Progenics ' Sifuvirtide (fusion inhibitor), Phase IIb, FusoGen ' TBR-220 (CCR5 blocker), Phase I, Tobira ' TBR-652 (CCR5 blocker), Phase I, Tobira ' Ibalizumab TNX-355 (monoclonal antibody), Phase II, Taimed ' TRI-1144 (fusion inhibitor), Preclinical, Trimeris and Roche ' Vicriviroc (CCR5 blocker), Phase III, Schering-Plough ' Zinc finger protein nucleases (CCR5 blockers), Preclinical, Sangamo Biosciences -------------------- INTEGRASE INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' Beta-diketo acids, Preclinical, University of Parma and University of Sassari ' Elvitegravir (GS-9137), Phase III, Gilead Sciences ' GS-9224, Preclinical, Gilead Sciences ' GSK364735, Phase I, GlaxoSmithKline/Shionogi ' GSK13495172, Phase II, GlaxoSmithKline -------------------- MATURATION INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' Betulinic acid derivatives, Preclinical, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Vanderbilt University ' Bevirimat (gag processing inhibitor), Phase II, Myriad ' Capsid inhibitors, Preclinical, Achillion ' MPC 9055, Phase II, Myriad ' PA1050040, (gag processing inhibitor), Phase I, Panacos ' RPI-MN, (nAchR receptor inhibitor), Preclinical, ReceptoPharm -------------------- NONNUCLEOSIDE REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' C-8 quinolinyloxyethyl substitutent, Preclinical, Boehringer Ingelheim ' HBY097 (Pyridinone derivatives), Preclinical, Rutgers University ' IDX899, Phase II, Idenix/GSK ' MV026048, Preclinical, Medivir ' Oligodeoxynucleotides, Preclinical, University of Zurich ' Rilpivirine (TMC-278), Phase III, Tibotec ' RDEA806, Phase IIa, Ardea ' RDEA427, Phase I, Ardea ' RDEA640, Preclinical, Ardea ' Thiazole derivatives, Preclinical, Japan's Institute for Virus Research ' UK-435061, Phase II, Pfizer -------------------- NUCLEOSIDE REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' 4-Ed4T, Preclinical, Kagoshima University ' Amdoxovir (DAPD), Phase II, RFS Pharma ' Apricitabine (ATC), Phase IIb/III, Avexa ' Dexelvucitabine (DFC, formerly Reverset), Phase II, Pharmasset ' DOT (dioxolane thymidine), Phase I, University of Georgia ' Elvucitabine (ACH-126), Phase II, Achillion ' Fosalvudine (alovudine prodrug), Phase II, Heidelberg Pharmaceuticals ' GS-9131, Preclinical, Gilead Sciences ' GS-9148, Preclinical, Gilead Sciences ' IDX12899, Preclinical, Idenix Pharmaceuticals ' IDX12989, Preclinical, Idenix Pharmaceuticals ' Quinolones, Preclinical, Rega Institute ' Racivir, Phase II, Pharmasset ' Thiovir, Preclinical, Adventrx ' TSAO-T derivatives, Preclinical, University of Pittsburgh -------------------- PK BOOSTERS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' GS-9350, Phase I, Gilead Sciences ' SPI-452, Phase I, Sequoia ' TMC558445, Phase I, Tibotec Pharmaceuticals ' PF-03716539, Phase I, Pfizer -------------------- PROTEASE INHIBITORS [Medication Name/Code, Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' GRL-02031, Preclinical, Kumamoto University ' SPI-256, Phase I, Sequoia -------------------- OTHER CLASSES [Medication Name/Code (with Drug Class), Research Stage, Manufacturer] ' 1H4 (tat inhibitor), Preclinical, Taras Shevchenko University ' BIT225 (Vpu ion blockers), Phase 1, Biotron Limited ' Histone deacetylase inhibitors, Phase I/II, University of California, San Francisco ' HRG214 (caprine IgG), Preclinical, Vironex ' KP-1461 (viral decay accelerator), Phase II, Koronis ' LEDGF (integrase competers), Preclinical, Catholic University of Leuven ' Poly acrylic acid, Preclinical, Chinese Academy of Science ' RSC-1838, Preclinical, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi ' SCY-635 (cyclophilin inhibitor), Phase Ib, Scynexis ' siRNA constructs (rev/tat inhibitors), Preclinical, Beckman Institute ' siRNA, Preclinical, CombiMatrix

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