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C-sections Are Better Delivery Method

C-sections Are Better Delivery Method


Because cesarean section deliveries significantly reduce the risk of passing HIV from an infected pregnant woman to her infant, all HIV-positive mothers should be offered the procedure'even in areas where antiretroviral drugs are available, researchers write in the February 1 edition of the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. When anti-HIV drugs are available, the procedure could reduce infection rates from about 1%'2% to 0.5%'1%, according to the study. Infection rates also could be cut significantly in poor countries and in women with high viral loads. 'The decision regarding mode of delivery rests with the woman and her clinician, who should inform her of the potential risks and benefits,' the researchers conclude. 'With adequate obstetric management, individual women may consider the benefit of a lower risk of infection in their infant to outweigh the potential disadvantages of an elective cesarean section.'

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