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HIV Eradication May Be Impossible

HIV Eradication May Be Impossible


HIV capable of replication remains present in both activated and resting CD4 cells even in patients on successful antiretroviral regimens for up to nine years, according to a study in the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Surprisingly, most of the virus able to make copies of itself was detected in activated cells, not the resting cells that many researchers have theorized serve as primary viral reservoirs. 'Contrary to current dogma, it is the activated CD4-cell compartment that harbors the majority of persisting HIV infection,' the researchers wrote. Virus in these activated cells could be continually reseeding the latent-cell HIV reservoirs, making total viral eradication impossible, even after years of successful therapy, they said. The researchers aren't clear why so much replication-competent virus was detected in activated CD4 cells but theorize that the body's normal response to other infections and invading pathogens could be regularly activating latently infected immune system cells and the HIV resting inside them.

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