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Opportunistic Infections & Other Drugs

Opportunistic Infections & Other Drugs

Everything you need to know about the new fungal infection impacting the LGBTQ+ community

A new case of sexually transmissible tinea has been reported in New York that can take months to clear up.

The U.S. Has New Polio Case for the First Time in Nearly a Decade

Experts are saying the singular case is a fluke, but recommend anyone who is not yet vaccinated to do so.

Major HIV Conference in Boston Goes Virtual Amid Coronavirus Fears

The decision was announced just days before the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections was to take place.

Can HIV Drugs Cause Heart Problems?

An antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat an HIV-related illness might cause coronary problems years later.

Drug-Resistant Shigella Cases Are Increasing Among Queer Men

Shigella can be especially serious in HIV-positive people with a low CD4 count.

Sepsis Infections Send Thousands Of Seniors To Gruesome Deaths

The infections are traumatic, deadly, and avoidable.

Medical Crisis Strikes Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans are struggling to get medical attention.

When an Overdose Becomes a Gateway to Recovery

IUD drug users make up a large percentage of HIV transmission rates. Surviving an overdose may lead to recovery.

This Article Could Save Your Life

But only if the right person reads it.

Spike in TB/HIV Cases Alarms Health Officials in Europe

Two leading world health organizations release disturbing data that, although on the overall decline, tuberculosis has been increasing in HIV patients in European countries.

Does Having an Infection Increase the Odds of Developing Mental Disorders?

A new study suggests that infections (no matter how minor) increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and depression. 

1 in 10 HIV-Positive People Also Have Diabetes

People living with HIV are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes at a younger age, even if they aren't obese. 

This Scary Drug-Resistant Superbug Is Spreading Fast

Superbugs are no joke, especially this one, now that very often it's been shown to have zero symptoms. 


Generic name: telapravir


Generic name: boceprevir


Generic name: fluconazole


Generic name: crofelemer


Generic name: calcium hydroxylapatite


Generic name: azithromycin


Generic name: dronabinoll