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Dead and Wrong

Dead and Wrong


Wanted to end it The guilt The pain The worry "No more!", she says. Hated seeing that smile His giggles His happiness His ...lack of worry. So she did it. Got a gun Got bullets Got an alibi Got ... him. Glad now of her accomplishment She now can live with her virus. Wanted now for murder Hated now for hate Blamed now for jealousy. When he could cope with having HIV When he could dance while taking medicine When he could laugh without thinking about "it" When he could kiss the woman who infected him She could not take it. She gave him the kiss of death But it was not sexually transmitted. Devin T. Robinson X is a South Florida'based activist who focuses on educating young people and African-Americans about HIV and AIDS through performance art and his acclaimed one-man performances, which have been staged throughout the United States and overseas. He also is the founder of the group AIDS Awareness Poets. His work has been profiled in national magazines as well as on MTV, NBC, UPN, and BET television networks and on National Public Radio. Robinson is working on a film version of his one-man show God, Me...HIV? which he plans to screen on World AIDS Day.

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