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Who's this Hottie Changing the Face of Adult Films?

Luke Hudson

Luke Hudson is changing how people perceive trans men.

When Luke Hudson was in high school, he ran track and field, despite “having possibly the world’s stubbiest legs.” Still, he held his own in the 200 meter and 400 meter dashes, and the long jump. For Hudson, “the neat thing was in 12th grade when I came out as a boy, I was allowed to compete against the cis boys.” 

Hudson is heavily into outdoor activities, including hiking, skateboarding, and paddle boarding. He’s just your average 21-year-old dude — who also happens to be the face of, a new adult site aimed at transgender and cis gay dudes that is changing the way the world views trans guys.

Hudson has been aware he’s trans “pretty much since I was aware of gender.” As soon as gender roles started to take a vague shape, “I always thought I fit more in the traditional masculine role.” In terms of sexual orientation he identifies as pansexual. Prior to starting his own site, Hudson was aware of Buck Angel, but hadn’t watched a lot of porn until he got into the industry.

“Once I got into porn however,” Hudson says, “everyone was comparing me to him, which was incredibly encouraging. To be compared to the daddy of my niche, it seemed to me like I was headed in the right direction.”


His first sexual experience was with a girl. He says it reassured him “that even though I may not find my own physical self attractive, other people could still see me that way.” Hudson addresses body dysphoria, (“a big issue for trans guys”) on his site; offering other trans guys workout routines, encouragement, and body acceptance.

“When I first started transitioning, the last thing I wanted was to experience another puberty. I’d just left the first one and it was awful, plus being a newly out trans boy I was already feeling ferociously insecure about my appearance. I assure you though, once you are able to get yourself access to resources that help you on your path to forming yourself, you’ll love even the ugly parts of your transition. You’ll be so proud of hearing your new name or the correct pronouns you won’t even notice the little snags that you think will stop you from passing. Just take your time, and tackle each obstacle one on one, and you’ll get there.”

Hudson is also looking for trans guys “who wanna give porn a shot, which is exciting — because I get a lot of messages from other FTM dudes saying that I’ve boosted their confidence." What he imagine is a future "when we can get trans boys with scars or trans boys of color and different bdoy types and then the trans guys watching that porn who wonder and question ‘Hey, could I look like that?’ get an answer. And the answer is always yes.’”

Hudson brings creativity into his scenes at Jockpussy. “I have a lot of input with the creativity, and I’m actually always pushing to try different kinks to make my job a little more interesting.”

Thus far, Hudson has only done scenes with cis gay men and is vocal about the dissonance between the cis and trans gay male community. “It’s a little sad to think that in this community we belong to, trans men who are gay tend to be excluded when it comes to being considered as partners. I’ve talked to a ton of cis gay men who don’t even know what a trans man is, much less how to approach one for dating. I think that if there was just more awareness of trans men as a whole, gay cis men would really enjoy the company of trans guys.”

Hudson has had barrier free sex on camera, and takes PrEP, the a one-a-pill strategy that can nearly eliminate the risk of contracting HIV from an HIV-positive partner. “I’ve been on it for over a year and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” Especially, he adds, “anyone who’s having barrier free sex.”


Pictured: Hudson with Rose.

In terms of his sexual health, Hudson is also a huge fan of Planned Parenthood, which he calls the de facto place for LGBT folks to get tested and other health services, especially if you’re trans and from a small town. 

“They are super judgment-free about sex, and even more so about trans guys," he explains. "It’s actually a little funny walking into a Planned Parenthood for the first time because the doctors will eventually look for a body part I don’t have.”

It's a part that plenty of porn directors look for too. But Hudson is proving it’s not a requirement. To be a man or to be a porn star.

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