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The Talk

How To Prep For Your First Clinical Visit

Four poz individuals speak openly about how to prepare for your first clinical visit.

For this episode of Plus’s video series, “The Talk,” we connect with four inspiring individuals on how they prepared for their first clinical visit after learning of their HIV status. It’s vital to be well-informed and prepared when going to meet with your healthcare provider, in general, but especially when figuring out the best plan for living with HIV. From doing your research to having those open conversations and asking your doctor questions, the individuals in the above video have a lot of tips to offer. “I think some of the questions you need to ask your healthcare provider should be what you want to know,” HIV activist Caleb Brown starts. “Ask how your medicine works, and if they can’t really tell you or can’t give you that explanation, then push them to learn more so that they can help other people as well,” Caleb shares. Watch the video to learn more.

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