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Let’s Talk About Sex, Love, and HIV

Let’s Talk About Sex, Love, and HIV

Four people living with HIV discuss how their diagnosis impacted their views on dating and romance.

In this episode of Plus’s video series, “The Talk,” we delve into how HIV affects dating, love, and sex. As some of our panelists share, getting their diagnosis felt like the death knell for their hope of a satisfying sex life. Getting informed on science changed their perceptions though. First, it was learning about the availability of PrEP, an HIV prevention medication that makes sex between serodiscordant couples risk-free. Even more game-changing than PrEP was the emergence of Undetectable = Untransmittable — or U=U — the globally-accepted consensus that an HIV-positive person who adheres to treatment cannot transmit the virus to another person. Suddenly, dating and sex weren’t closed off anymore. “U=U has been so freeing,” says Kerry. “It made it ok for me to love again. The science is behind it.”

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