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Ozempic May Also Boost Cancer-Fighting Cells

Ozempic, as well as Wegovy, are now thought to help with obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Gene Therapies Show Promise for HIV Elimination

A study in HIV-positive humanized mice was 60 percent effective as opposed to the 29 percent efficacy in previous studies.

FDA Approves Vaccine for Common Respiratory Virus

It's a big win for the elderly population most susceptible to this specific virus.

Mpox Cases Rise Again, and Grindr is Here to Help

The Pan American Health Organization and Grindr team up to tackle stigma and misinformation about the virus after a recent rise in cases.

​A Pharma CEO Gets Personal on HIV's Toll​

GSK boss Emma Walmsley centers HIV-positive individuals — and her own history with the disease — in a new video series.

HIV Cure: Latest Clues From Primates

A new study delves into how stem cell transplantation can kill the virus behind AIDS.

South Africa to Offer Injectable HIV-Prevention

An Indian drug company is set to make a cheaper generic version of the HIV injectable medication.

A New Way to Improve Viral Load Suppression in HIV+ Children?

Studies in Uganda reveal the unique challenges presented to children with HIV.

Despite Racial Inequity, U.S. Sees Drop in HIV Infections

Young people are driving the reduction.

Oral Pill for COVID Gets FDA Approval

Paxlovid ensures that adults have continued access to treatment, but is not authorized as a COVID-19 preventative.

How Does Marijuana Affect HIV?

Researchers will study benefits and cognitive decline among people living with HIv.

How Anti-LGBTQ+ Nations Fuel the HIV Epidemic

The United Nations urges decriminalization of same-sex relations to create public health and equality.

What to Know About National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Raising awareness is vital to a community often overlooked in HIV care.

World HIV/AIDS Vaccine Day Reminds of the Importance of Inclusion

When searching for the cure for HIV, it’s imperative to include disproportionately affected communities in drug trials to ensure a vaccine for everybody.

High Schoolers Make Headway in HIV Research

Students in Philadelphia proved anybody has what it takes to be a scientist,

Trans Women Less Likely to Contract HIV With Gender-Affirming Care

Recent reporting hopes to build a more accurate portrayal of the vulnerability within the trans population.

Greg Mathis Jr. Is Using His Reality Star Platform to End HIV Stigma

The breakout star of Mathis Family Matters breaks down the importance of education and using your voice to fight for health resources.

Still Puffing? New Help for Smokers Living With HIV

Smoking is particularly dangerous for people living with HIV.

Blockbuster PrEP Lawsuit: Gilead Wins Over U.S. Government

A jury favored the drugmaker against the CDC’s claims it's owed money for the preventative HIV medication.

The Global COVID Health Emergency Is Over?

The World Health Organization makes a declaration on the state of the pandemic.