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Athlete Turned Actor Comes Out as HIV-positive

DeMarco Majors (Actor and out athlete, played pro basketball on the international circuit, He wrote, directed, stars in forthcoming movie, 7.)

DeMarco Majors has been having a recurring dream — one he’s spent countless hours trying to decipher. In the dream, he’s 12 years old and at his favorite candy store. “I had a $20 bill, a $1 bill, and some quarters and dimes. The kind of money I never had as a kid,” he says, laughing.

The candy store isn’t essential to the story. It’s just the set up. “It’s going to make a lot of sense” in a moment, Majors says, urging continued attention. Originally from Illinois, Majors lived in California for a long time before moving to New York City, where he’s been nearly a decade. He doesn’t say what city the dream takes place in, but he asks a guy in the dream’s candy store, “Which way is Eighth Avenue?” before setting out on foot.

Majors interrupts himself, “The crazy thing is I know exactly what I was wearing. I remember the tank top … the pants … and the boots.” But that’s not important. Not yet. “The important part,” he says, “is, as I started walking, I started seeing these houses and they all looked decrepit. They looked like the people inside of them were doing drugs. And I thought about what it would be like to own a house like that.” A recovering addict, Majors can easily imagine that  life.  

The former basketball star interrupts himself, recalling how uncomfortable his clothes in the dream were. Majors says he realizes the houses he’s passing symbolize a way of life. He keeps walking. The city streets turn to country roads and he’s still walking.  He decides to “walk to my mom’s house” in his hometown, Evansville, Indiana, when he’s again reminded about how uncomfortable he is and starts “stretching my shirt to make it bigger.” 

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