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Batman's Real Life Son Died of AIDS Complications


The documentary Batman and Bill  uncovers the hidden life and death of Fred Finger. You need to grab the tissues for this one. 

Fred Finger was a bay area chef whose father Milton "Bill" Finger created the beloved character Batman. A new Hulu documentary, released in time for Comic-Con International, called Batman and Bill is an examination of the role Bill played in the creation of the character.

Bill's story was buried largely by the subterfuge of Bob Kane, who came up with the initial concepts and owned the trademarks to the character. Kane earned massive wealth during his life, while Finger died in destitute poverty and was buried in a potter's field. 


Above the original Kane version (right) and Finger's changes (left).

Bill Finger's contribution to the legacy of Batman were finally recognized in the credit sequence of 2016's blockbuster Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Director Mark Nobleman's investigation into finding Finger's heirs, uncovers Fred and later his daughter Athena. Fred, who was bisexual, was tormented by his guilt to is family for having homosexual affairs, the way his a father had been when he realized he was never going to get the recognition he deserved. Athena Finger breaks down at one point talking about the shame and stigma that accompanied both her grandfather and father's deaths. It's the most poignant moment in the film. 

Fred Finger died of AIDS-related complications in 1992. This particular moment in the film is a powerful reminder that our identities as HIV-positive and LGBT people are richly woven into the fabric of culture — particularly pop culture.  #NeverForget.

Watch the trailer to Batman and Bill below:

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