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Queer Musician Helps Combat HIV Stigma in Sexy New Video

Queer Musician Helps Combat HIV Stigma in Sexy New Video

<p>Queer Musician Helps Combat HIV Stigma in Sexy New Video</p>
YouTube/Magnus Riise

YouTube/Magnus Riise

The steamy video from artist Magnus Riise costars Broadway sensation Hernando Umana, who happens to be living with HIV.

These days HIV is a manageable condition, thanks to today's highly effective treatment options. When on treatment, not only can those living with HIV today expect to live long, healthy lives — but most can quickly get the virus to undetectable levels in their body. Once you become undetectable, you then have a zero chance of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner, even without use of a condom.

This globally-accepted scientific fact is known as "Undetectable Equals Untransmittable," or U=U, and it's been incredibly sexually-liberating for many people living with HIV. And now queer Norwegian-American musician Magnus Riise is helping to bring attention to the the U=U movement in his super-sexy new music video "Until Tomorrow."

While the song is not at all about HIV, the decision to cast Kinky Boots star Hernando Umana, who happens to be living with HIV, as his one-night lover in the video is significant. It shows Riise is aware of the science of U=U and wants to illustrate that people living with HIV can have just as fun, fulfilling, and spontaneous sex lives as anyone else.

But the surprisingly moving song is not just about sex — it touches on the sometimes sad and lonely feeling one can get after a passionate one-night stand is over. "Say you'll stay until tomorrow; Let's make it through the night," sings Riise. "Might not be happy ever after; All I know is this feels so right."

"Until Tomorrow" is the newest single off of Riise's EP of the same name, which released in April of this year. It also includes another unabashedly queer hit (and another hot video), "Ground Up." Riise will be touring this year, so check their website for upcoming tour dates in Europe and the U.S.

Umana is also doing his part to smash HIV stigma. The Broadway star has been open about his status since 2018 and has refused to let it dull his shine in any way. (Just check out his sexy Instagram page to see what we mean!) “There is NOTHING wrong with me and I am healthier than I’ve ever been,” wrote Umana in a social media post when he first opened up about living with HIV.


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