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Is Testosterone Therapy Right for You?

Is Testosterone Therapy Right for You?


Diminished testosterone production is common among HIV-positive men of all ages, but it's a particular problem for those living into and past middle age, when natural production of the hormone begins to fall off. Testosterone replacement therapy'either through periodic injections or the daily application of skin patches'can return hormone levels to normal. But is it right for you? German researchers say you should weigh these pros and cons before making your decision. Pros >Lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure >Decreases risk of developing type 2 diabetes >Reduces belly fat >Increases energy levels >Improves sex drive >Effective for men of all ages >Lowers risk of death (men with low testosterone levels have double the risk of death than those with normal levels) Cons >Could speed the development or progression of prostate cancer >Can boost the production of red blood cells, which at elevated levels can increase heart attack and stroke risks >Can cause kidney problems >Requires a commitment to daily dermal patch application or regular injections >Long-term effects are still unknown

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