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More Data About Diabetes

More Data About Diabetes


Three widely used anti-HIV medications have been linked to the development of diabetes among HIVers, a condition that more than doubles the risk for heart attacks, according to an analysis of nearly 34,000 HIVers reported in the journal Diabetes Care. Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors Retrovir, Videx, and especially Zerit were associated with the onset of diabetes; the risk steadily climbed the longer the drugs were taken, according to the analysis. HIVers experiencing lipodystrophy also were at an increased risk. Although there was no clear indication why these particular drugs boosted diabetes risks, the researchers believe they damage cellular mitochondria, which in turn hampers the body's ability to effectively use insulin to regulate blood-sugar levels. Despite widespread suspicion that protease inhibitors are linked with diabetes, the study showed no link between the two. And surprisingly, two anti-HIV drugs'Viramune and Norvir'were shown to lower diabetes risk.

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