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Building Better Bones

Building Better Bones


That snap, crackle, and pop you hear might be a lot more than an overactive bowl of cereal -- it may be a bone fracture, for which HIVers are at increased risk, according to new research. A new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism confirms previous research that HIVers are at risk for reduced bone mineral density and bone breaks due to HIV disease and some of the medications used to treat it. The study of 8,500 HIVers and 2.2 million HIV-negative adults showed that HIV-positive men and women have a 60% greater risk of bone fractures than those who are uninfected. But you don't have to take this news lying down. Talk with your doctor about ways to strengthen your bones and improve your bone health, including: ' Daily exercise ' Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D ' Maintaining a healthy body weight ' Protecting yourself from falls ' Avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol intake ' Supplementing vitamins and minerals as needed

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