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Drugs in Development

Drugs in Development


There are more than seven dozen anti-HIV drug candidates in various stages of testing. While some will be unsuccessful, the potential for newly developed medications as well as medication classes is better than ever before in the almost 25 years of the AIDS pandemic. The two main new drug classes in development are integrase inhibitors and maturation inhibitors. Integrase inhibitors interfere at the viral replication step in which HIV's genetic information is inserted into the host cell's DNA, thereby enabling the cell to start making copies of the virus. Integrase inhibitors target and disable HIV's integrase enzyme, which plays a key role in this replication step. Maturation inhibitors interfere with the final stages of HIV replication, in which viral copies are assembled and exit an infected cell. These drugs would prevent the virus from properly assembling, from forming a protective outer coat, or from emerging--also known as budding--from human cells. Below is a list of anti-HIV drugs in development, listed alphabetically in respective drug categories. Each listing also includes the drug's stage of development and company that is working on the medication. Entry Inhibitors AMD-070 (CXCR4 blocker); phase II; Anormed. AMD-887 (CCR5 blocker); preclinical; Anormed. AMD3100 (CXCR4 blocker); phase I; Anormed. Betulinic acid derivatives (entry, maturation inhibitors); preclinical; University of North Carolina-Duke-Vanderbilt. BMS-043; phase I/II; Bristol-Myers Squibb. BMS-378806 (gp120 blocker); phase I; Bristol-Myers Squibb. CCR5mAb004 (CCR5 blocker); preclinical; Human Genome Sciences. D5 (artificial gp41 blocker); preclinical; Merck. GBV-C (virus increases chemokines,including CCR5 blockers); preclinical; University of Iowa. GSK-873140 (CCR5 blocker); phase II; GlaxoSmithKline. IC9564; preclinical; Duke University. KRH-2731 (CXCR4 blocker); preclinical; Kureha. Maraviroc/UK-427 (CCR5 blocker); phase II; Pfizer. MDX-010; phase I; Medarex. NB-2 (gp41 blocker); preclinical; Shibo-Kumar. NB-64 (gp41 blocker); preclinical; Shibo-Kumar. PRO-140 (monoclonal antibody); preclinical; Progenics. PRO-542 (attachment inhibitor); phase II; Progenics. RC-112; preclinical; CDC's AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research. Retrocyclin-1; preclinical; CDC's AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research. SP-01 A; phase I/II; Samaritan. TAK-652 (CCR5 blocker); preclinical; Takeda. TNX-355 (monoclonal antibody); phase I/II; Tanox-Biogen. UMIST; preclinical; Genetic Innovation. Vicriviroc/SCH-D (CCR5 blocker); phase II; Schering Plough. Integrase Inhibitors Carbazole derivative; preclinical; Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases. GSK-810871; preclinical; GlaxoSmithKline. Indolicidin; preclinical; National Cancer Institute. JTK-303; phase I/II; Gilead-Japan Tobacco. L-810810; phase I; Merck. Styrylquinoline derivatives; preclinical; BioAlliance Pharma. V-165; preclinical; Belgium's Rega Institute. Maturation Inhibitors Betulinic acid derivatives (entry, maturation inhibitors); preclinical; University of North Carolina-Duke-Vanderbilt. Chloroquinine; preclinical; Catholic University of Rome. enJS56A1; preclinical; University of Georgia. PA-457 (capsid inhibitor); phase II; Vitex. Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors BILR 355 BS; preclinical; Boehringer-Ingelheim. Calanolide A; phase II; Advanced Life Sciences. Capravirine; phase II; Pfizer. DOT (dioxolane thymidine); phase I; University of Georgia. GSK-695634; phase I; GlaxoSmithKline. KP1212; phase I; Koronis. MIV-150; phase II; Medivir. MIV-170; preclinical; Medivir. NVP C-8 derivatives; preclinical; Boehringer-Ingelheim. Oligodeoxi nucleotides; preclinical; University of Zurich. S-DABO derivatives; preclinical; China's Fudan University. SMP-610; preclinical; Advanced Life Sciences. SMP-717; preclinical; Advanced Life Sciences. Thiazol derivatives; preclinical; Japan's Institute for Virus Research. TMC-125 (etravirine); phase II; Tibotec-Johnson and Johnson. TMC-278 (diarylpyrimidine or DAPY); phase II; Tibotec. Tricyclic NNRTI; preclinical; Bristol-Myers Squibb. Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Alovudine (MIV-310); phase II; Medivir-Boehringer-Ingelheim. Amdoxovir (DAPD); phase II; RFS Pharm. BPH-218; preclinical; University of Pittsburgh. Compound X; preclinical; Tibotec. Dinucleoside polyphosphates; preclinical; University of Miami. Elvucitabine (ACH-126); phase II; Achillion. GSK-204937; phase I; GlaxoSmithKline. KMMP05; preclinical; National Cancer Institute. MIV-210; phase I/II; Medivir-GlaxoSmithKline. Racivir; phase I/II; Pharmasset. Reverset (D-D4FC); phase II; Pharmasset-Incyte. SPD-754; phase I/II; Avexa. Protease Inhibitors A-681799; preclinical; Abbott Laboratories. AG-1859; phase II; Pfizer. Aptivus (tipranavir); Approved by FDA on June 22; Boehringer-Ingelheim. GSK-640385 (VX-385); phase I/II; GlaxoSmithKline. PPL-100; preclinical; Procyon Biopharma. TMC-114; phase II; Tibotec-Johnson and Johnson. UIC02031; preclinical; Kumamoto University. Others ACH-CIC (capsid inhibitor complex); preclinical; Achillion. BAY 50-4798 (interleukin-2 selective agonist); phase I; Bayer. BL-1050 (regulatory protein inhibitor); preclinical; BioLine Rx. CDK inhibitor; preclinical; Gilead Sciences. CNI-1493 (rev inhibitor); preclinical; Heinrich Pette Institute. Curcumin/diferuloylmethane (tat inhibitor); preclinical; India's Jawaharlal Nehru Center. HGTV43 (gene regulation-editing inhibitor); phase I; Enzo. MDI-P (electrolyzed free radical); preclinical; Medical Discoveries. Mifepristone (glucocorticoid antagonist); phase I; University of Pittsburgh. Resveretrol (Egr1 gene activator); preclinical; National Cancer Institute. RSC-1838; preclinical; GlaxoSmithKline-Shionogi. RWJ67567 (p38 inhibitor); preclinical; University of Pennsylvania-Johnson and Johnson. siRNA molecule; preclinical; CombiMatrix. TRIM5-alpha (capsid inhibitor); preclinical; Dana Farber Cancer Institute-NAIAD. VRX496 (antisense lentiviral vector); phase I; VIRxSYS.

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