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More Meds on the Way

More Meds on the Way


There are more than 10 dozen anti-HIV drugs in the developmental pipeline that pharmaceutical manufacturers and other research institutions are working on; that's roughly 50% more than were being worked on a year ago. The entry inhibitor category continues to show strong promise with 40 candidates'15 more than this time last year. Entry Inhibitors( Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' 15D, Preclinical, National Cancer Institute ' 15K, Preclinical, National Cancer Institute ' AK602, Phase I, Kumamoto University ' AMD3451 CCR5-CXCR4 blocker), Preclinical, Anormed ' Betulinic acid derivatives; Preclinical; University of North Carolina, Duke University, Vanderbilt University ' BMS-378806 (gp120 blocker), Phase I, Bristol-Myers Squibb ' CCR5mAb004 (CCR5 blocker), Preclinical, Human Genome Sciences ' D5 (artificial gp41 blocker), Preclinical, Merck ' DP-178 (fusion inhibitor), Preclinical, Weizmann Institute ' GBV-C (virus increases chemokines, including CCR5 blockers), Preclinical, University of Iowa ' gp41 inhibitor, Preclinical, New York Blood Center ' gp41 inhibitor, Preclinical, Locus Pharmaceuticals ' gp120-gp41 disulfide bond; Preclinical; Amsterdam Mathematical Center, Cornell University, University of Illinois at Chicago ' IC9564, Preclinical, Duke University ' Indolicidin, Preclinical,National Institutes of Health ' KD-247 (CCR5 blocker), Preclinical, Kumamoto University ' KRH-2731 (CXCR4 blocker), Preclinical, Kureha ''KRH-3140 (CXCR4 blocker), Preclinical, Kureha ' KRH-3955 (CXCR4 blocker), Preclinical, Kureha ''Maraviroc/UK-427 (CCR5 blocker), Phase III, Pfizer ''MDX-010, Preclinical, Medarex ' Monoclonal FAbs (gp41 blocker), Preclinical, National Institutes of Health ''NB-2 (gp41 blocker), Preclinical, Shibo and Kumar ' NB-64 (gp41 blocker), Preclinical, Shibo and Kumar ''NSC 13778 (gp120 blocker), Preclinical, SAIC-National Cancer Institute ' PRO-140 (monoclonal antibody), Phase I, Progenics ' Pyrrolidine (CCR5 blocker), Preclinical, Merck ' RANTES analogs (CCR5 blockers), Preclinical, University of Geneva ' RC-112, Preclinical, CDC's AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research ' Retrocyclin-1, Preclinical, CDC's AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research ' Sifuvirtide, Preclinical, Fusogen ' SP-01 A, Preclinical, Samaritan ' SP-10, Preclinical, Samaritan ' TAK-652 (CCR5 blocker), Preclinical, Takeda ' TNX-355 (monoclonal antibody), Phase II, Tanox and Biogen ' TR-999, Preclinical, Trimeris and Roche ' TR-1144, Preclinical, Trimeris and Roche ' UMIST, Preclinical, Genetic Innovation Network ' Vicriviroc/SCH-D (CCR5 blocker), Phase II, Schering Plough ' Zinc finger protein nucleases (CCR5 blockers), Preclinical, Sangamo Biosciences Integrase Inhibitors(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' AVX-I, Preclinical, Avexa ' Beta-diketo acids, Preclinical, University of Parma and University of Sassari ' Carbazole derivative, Preclinical, Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases ' GSK-810871, Preclinical, GlaxoSmithKline ' Indolicidin, Preclinical, National Cancer Institute ' GS-9137 (JTK-303), Phase II, Gilead Sciences and Japan Tobacco ' ITI-367, Preclinical, George Washington University ' L-second generation, Preclinical, Merck ' MK-0518, Phase III, Merck ' Monophores, Preclinical, Sunesis ' Mycelium integrasone (fungal polyketide), Preclinical, Merck ' PL-2500, Preclinical, Procyon Biopharma ' Styrylquinoline derivatives, Preclinical, BioAlliance Pharma ' Theophyline, Preclinical, Thomas Jefferson University ' V-165, Preclinical, Rega Institute Maturation Inhibitors(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' Alpha HGA, Phase I, Tripep ' Betulinic acid derivatives (entry, maturation inhibitors); Preclinical; University of North Carolina, Duke University, Vanderbilt University ' Chloroquine, Preclinical, Catholic University of Rome ' enJS56A1, Preclinical, University of Georgia ' PA-457 (capsid inhibitor), Phase II, Vitex ' RPI-MN, Preclinical, ReceptoPharm ' UK-201844, Preclinical, Pfizer Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' BILR 355 BS, Phase I/II, Boehringer-Ingelheim ' DOT (dioxolane thymidine), Phase I, University of Georgia ' GS9148, Preclinical, Gilead Sciences ' GSK-695634, Phase I, GlaxoSmithKline ' MIV-170, Preclinical, Medivir ' NVP C-8 substituent, Preclinical, Boehringer-Ingelheim ' Oligodeoxi-nucleotides, Preclinical, University of Zurich ' PBO-15c (pyrrolobenzoxazepinone), Preclinical, University of Siena ' Phenylthiazoylamines, Preclinical, Yale University ' Pyridinone derivatives, Preclinical, Rutgers University ' Quinolones, Preclinical, Wellcome Trust ' S-DABO derivatives, Preclinical, China's Fudan University ' SMP-610, Preclinical, Advanced Life Sciences ' SMP-717, Preclinical, Advanced Life Sciences ' Thiazol derivatives, Preclinical, Japan's Institute for Virus Research ' TMC-125 (etravirine), Phase III, Tibotec and Johnson & Johnson ' TMC-278 (diarylpyrimidine or DAPY), Phase II, Tibotec ' Tricyclic NNRTI, Preclinical, Bristol-Myers Squibb Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' 4-Ed4T, Preclinical, Kagoshima University ' AVX754, Phase I/II, Avexa ' BPH-218, Preclinical, University of Pittsburgh ' Branched 3 primers, Preclinical, University of Illinois ' Compound X, Preclinical, Tibotec ' D-FDOC, Preclinical, Emory University ' Dinucleoside polyphosphates, Preclinical, University of Miami ' DOT-TP, Preclinical, Emory University ' dTTP, Preclinical, University of Rochester ' E2-FdA, Preclinical, Kumamoto University ' Elvucitabine (ACH-126), Phase II, Achillion ' Herpesvirus saimiri, Preclinical, Temple University ' KMMP05, Preclinical, National Cancer Institute ' KP-1461, Phase I/II, Koronis ' Racivir, Phase I/II, Pharmasset ' Stampidine, Preclinical, Parker Hughes Institute ' Thiovir, Preclinical, Adventrx ' Triol, Preclinical, Cruz Foundation Protease Inhibitors(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' A-681799, Preclinical, Abbott Laboratories ' Beta-lactams, Preclinical, University of Debrecen ' Brecanavir (GSK-640385), Phase II, GlaxoSmithKline ' GRL-02031, Preclinical, Kumamoto University ' PPL-100, Preclinical, Procyon Biopharma ' SPI-256, Preclinical, Sequoia ' UIC02031, Preclinical, Kumamoto University Others(Medication Name, Stage of Development, Developer) ' Alpha-v integrins, Preclinical, irsiCaixa Foundation and Merck ' BL-1050 (regulatory protein inhibitor), Preclinical, BioLine Rx ' CDK inhibitor, Preclinical, Gilead Sciences ' CNI-1493 (rev inhibitor), Preclinical, Heinrich Pette Institute ' Curcumin/diferuloylmethane (tat inhibitor), Preclinical, Jawaharlal Nehru Center ' Cycloamides, Phase I, University of Illinois ' Glycodendrimers (lipid raft carbohydrates), Preclinical, Penn State University ' HRG214 (caprine IgG), Preclinical, Virionyx ' IM (CDK9 inhibitor), Preclinical, Institute of Human Virology ' KU-55933 (ATM kinase inhibitor), Preclinical, Kudos Pharma ' MDI-P (electrolyzed free radical), Preclinical, Medical Discoveries ' Mifepristone (glucocorticoid antagonist), Phase I, University of Pittsburgh ' Oxadiazols (nuclear localization viral matrix blockers), Preclinical, International Therapeutics ' Poly acrylic acid, Preclinical, Chinese Academy of Science ' Resveretrol (Egr1 gene activator), Preclinical, National Cancer Institute ' Rev inhibitors, Preclinical, National Institutes of Health ' RPI (nicotinic acetylcholine receptor blocker), Preclinical, NutraPharma ' RSC-1838, Preclinical, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi ' RWJ67567 (p38 inhibitor), Preclinical, University of Pennsylvania and Johnson & Johnson ' siRNA constructs (rev/tat inhibitors), Preclinical, Beckman Institute ' siRNA molecule, Preclinical, CombiMatrix ' TRIM5-alpha (capsid inhibitor), Preclinical, Dana Farber Cancer Institute-NIAID

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