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Can I adopt if I have HIV?

Can I adopt if I have HIV?


There are legal protections in place for those who want to adopt. And heaven’s knows we need more adoptive parents.

Yes. The federal Americans With Disabilities Act makes it illegal for adoption services to disqualify prospective adopters solely for an HIV diagnosis. Do know that with all chronic conditions, having a doctor who says you are healthy and can take care of a child will be an important factor in your approval process, but adoption workers should view HIV much like diabetes, arthritis, lupus, and dozens of other manageable medical conditions. Having a chronic condition is no longer seen as an impediment to raising a child, as it once was. But you may encounter stigma from some agencies, and if you do, you may want to have an attorney remind them of your rights. Also, many AIDS service organizations and LGBT organizations have resources to help you find a friendly adoption agency used to dealing with HIV-positive parents.

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