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Readers Sound Off

Readers Sound Off

No Rent Control I have been waiting and hoping for a film version of Rent ever since I moved away from New York City, where I originally saw it on Broadway. Thanks so much for the interview with Anthony Rapp ['Catching Up on Rent,' November 2005]. I am glad to know that Rapp and several others from the play's original cast are going to appear in the film. I'm waiting to buy my ticket in advance online right now! '''Jeffrey Simpson '''St. Louis No More Stuffing I've used so many of Cade Fields-Gardner's tips in her Fitness column over the years and finally want to take the time to praise her wisdom. I know her suggestions for taking control of holiday eating [November 2005] helped my belly from getting any bigger than it already has. '''Dan Dodd '''San Antonio No Regrets I have heard people tell me that stopping my meds is an insult to those who have gone before but did not have the choice [Native Tongue, November 2005]. People have tried to use guilt, anger, and logic to get me to start taking them again. All this is nice'the concern that is behind it and all. But the bottom line is simply that we, the ones that take these pills, are the ones who must make the decision to take or not to take them. Each of us is on a path with this illness. Mine has been going for 15 years now. And while a little direction and help along the way is great, being chained and drug along is not. '''Kelly Lincoln '''Arleta, Calif. I've made treatment choices that fell outside the protocol of the moment. At first'I was eager to engage in discussion or listen to other opinions, but'too'often the responses'I received were'lectures, admonitions, and arrogant presumptions about my motives. I was dismayed that no one would ask me why I made these choices or even what my choices were. They still don't'even after 20 years. All medical choices are deeply personal ones. Choices should be educated and thoughtful and made with an attitude open to an ever-changing situation. Once these criteria are filled, they are the right choices. '''Sarah Kaufman '''via e-mail I have learned'as someone living with HIV since 1989 and diagnosed with AIDS in 2003'that we all have our own paths to follow regarding how we manage living. '''Gil Mangaoang, Treatment Counselor '''Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team '''Los Angeles No Delivery? I wish you would change your policy and allow individuals to subscribe to your magazine. Only allowing AIDS organizations and physicians to subscribe is an injustice, since many individuals do not have access to it via organizations or physicians. '''Mark Beauchamp '''Mount Pleasant, Mich. [The editor's reply: Providing subscriptions only in bulk is important for keeping down mailing expenses that can be better used for our product. And remember that each issue can always be accessed in full online'concurrent with the print edition!]No Complaints Thank you for HIV Plus.'I feel it is the best HIV magazine out there by far. '''Tom Dolan '''Lauderdale by the Sea, Fla.
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