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Readers Sound Off

Readers Sound Off

Is Baby on the Way Yet? One of my close friends who is HIV-positive always has copies of your magazine in his home, and I often read through them. It was such a wonderful surprise to see your article on the San Francisco couple who are expecting their first child ['Mother's Day,' October 2006]. My lovely daughter-in-law, who became HIV-positive during her misguided youth, and my son had just begun talking about the prospects of either adopting or having a child of their own. I was so excited about the article that I immediately called up my son and read him the entire article over the phone. Now my son and his wife have become more excited about the possibility of having their own child, and I sincerely thank you for being part of the encouragement in their lives and for potentially helping to make me a grandmother! Name withheld via e-mail ---------- I Want to Cheer! I was deeply moved by the article 'Go! Fight! Beat AIDS!' in your August 2006 issue. However, because of my lack of Internet access I am unable to download information on how to start a cheerleading squad in my area. Please send me information so that I can better understand the process of starting a cheerleading squad. Leonardo Wood Jarratt, Va. [The editors reply: We don't have specific guidelines from the squads about the ideal way to form one of these groups in a new location, but you can contact Cheer Los Angeles, the squad whose members were photographed for our article, at (562) 856-9426 for advice on the best way to coordinate the formation of a new cheer squad. Another good option might be to contact the members of Cheer Atlanta, a squad that is much closer to your home state of Virginia. You can reach members of Cheer Atlanta by phoning (678) 913-9912. Members of either of these squads should be able to get you headed in the right direction. Good luck!] ---------- Keeping Up Hope I really enjoy the many stories I read in HIV Plus month after month about everyday people fighting this disease. Your articles give me hope and make me realize that I too have a fighting chance. With so much talk about cuts to AIDS services and many programs ending, I am pleased to know there are people out there working to improve the lives of the many who are living with HIV. Keith Harrison Randallstown, Md. ---------- I Can't Find You Someone recommended your magazine to me, but I am not sure where to find it. Anne Sykes Oklahoma City, Okla. [The editors reply: Our magazine is distributed free of charge at physicians' offices, AIDS service organizations, and other community-based health locations across the country that have requested a subscription. If neither an agency that you visit regularly nor your doctor's office subscribes to HIV Plus, you can suggest that one or more request a free subscription either by logging on to our site and printing out the order form, or you can print it out and deliver it to an office administrator yourself. Each of our issues is also posted in full on our site at, so if you ever miss an issue, you can always read all of our feature articles, columnists, and news briefs there.]
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