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How to (Safely) Enjoy National Anal Sex Day

How to (Safely) Enjoy National Anal Sex Day

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What started as a joke has become an open celebration.

April 18 marks National Anal Sex Day, and it’s a great time to come together and (safely) celebrate.

What began as a joke from comedian Jim Jeffries has caught on and made its mark. It was created as a male response to Saint Valentine’s Day, where men are more commonly responsible for spending a lot of money and taking care of things. Jeffries thought men deserved a “hole-day” where they get to sit back and enjoy. Since anal pleasure can be enjoyed by men and women alike, the idea eventually caught on and a day to celebrate was assigned.

While we all know about the joys anal sex can provide, it’s also important to remember safety when you play.

Although PrEP can massively help prevent against HIV contraction, it can’t prevent against anything like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis. Contraceptives like condoms provide the best protection against those sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

When it comes down to play time, it’s also good to be educated and prepared, especially if you’re newer to anal sex. Utilization of sex toys can help the exploration be a little more comfortable, and it can also add a lot to foreplay if you explore them with your partner.

Health leaders like Dr. Evan Goldstein of New York City's Bespoke Surgical provide their LGBTQ+ clients with health information and safety, and he co-created the Future Method innovative sex care brand to help affirm and secure education and awareness around anal sex by combining both a scientific and holistic approach.

However you choose to celebrate, just remember communication is key. The more we talk about anal sex, the less stigma will surround it, which only brings us all closer to everybody understanding its pleasures.

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