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Think Globally... 'The AIDS epidemic is a real weapon of mass destruction.' 'United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, noting that HIV kills 8,000 people a day worldwide Act Locally? 'Personally, I don't know anyone dying of AIDS. So trying to scare me into having safer sex isn't going to work.' 'Jimmy Morrison, 24, head of volunteers for Queercore, a Seattle program for gay men under 30 Do Unto Others... '[What] is the harshest thing I've said [about Bush]?... It's reckless to leave AIDS floundering for years.' 'Democratic presidential nominee hopeful John Kerry, in the February 9 issue of Time As You Would Have Others Do Unto You 'The church is wrong to insist that condoms don't protect'and [it] could be committing one more crime against humanity.' 'Alexandre Grangeiro, director of Brazil's national AIDS awareness program, on comments by Catholic Church leaders that condoms do not prevent HIV infections The Blind Leading the Blind 'There are some lost gay men out there who want and need guidelines on what is expected of them, so they go searching and are told, 'Everything goes, and the more reckless you are, the gayer you are.' ' 'Syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, on how some gay organizations' safer-sex campaigns glamorize casual and anonymous sex He Ain't Heavy. He's My Lover 'This is happening because we treat each other as disposable sex objects, not as people.' 'Phil Pelino, a Seattle man with AIDS who helped write a community manifesto calling on gay men to take more responsibility in preventing the spread of HIV
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