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Study Reinforces Adherence Beliefs

Study Reinforces Adherence Beliefs


Strictly adhering to an anti-HIV drug regimen is the best defense against the development of drug-resistant virus, according to a study in the February 1 edition of Journal of Infectious Diseases. Researchers in Canada followed nearly 1,200 HIV patients taking antiretroviral therapy for at least three years. Those who took all their pills on time were the least likely to develop drug resistance during treatment. Even study subjects who missed up to 5% of doses were significantly less likely to develop resistance, confirming the belief among AIDS experts that 95% adherence is required for optimal benefit. Study subjects who took 80% to 90% of their pills as prescribed were four times more likely to develop resistance than those with better adherence. 'The results prove HIV drug regimens are nothing like a game of horseshoes'close is not good enough,' lead researcher Richard Harrigan says.

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