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When Bills Are One Big (Literal) Pain

When Bills Are One Big (Literal) Pain


Soaring gas and food prices. Mounting credit card bills. Layoff worries. If you think economic woes like these are one big pain in the neck for HIVers, you're right. And they could be creating or worsening a lot of other health problems too, according to an Associated Press'AOL poll. As many as 16 million Americans today suffer from 'debt stress,' which can worsen ulcers and other digestive tract problems, lead to headaches and migraines, cause or exacerbate anxiety or depression, and even double heart attack risks, according to the survey. So what do you do if you're stressed out and struggling to stay afloat? Seek help, health experts urge. Talk to your physician or therapist about ways to manage or reduce your stress levels. And consult a financial planner, if possible, to get a better handle on the issues causing all those aches and pains.

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