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No. 12 of 20 Most Amazing HIV-Positive Women: Gina Brown

No. 12 of 20 Most Amazing HIV-Positive Women: Gina Brown


This social worker and activist has impacted others with HIV far beyond her own Louisiana community.

Gina Brown provides medical services to HIV-positive men and women as a medical case manager at Priority Health Care Inc., a nonprofit in the New Orleans area that provides care and seeks to empower underserved populations.

Poz for two decades, Brown has been working in the HIV field for a dozen years and has become a valued advocate and speaker. A board member for PWN-US, she’s also been involved with the Women’s Research Initiative; the AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families board of directors; Until It’s Over Inc.; the Louisiana AIDS Advocacy Network; Positive Leaders Uplifting Sistas; and Camp ACE. 

“Gina is an extraordinary advocate and activist, as well as a social worker, through her excellent skills as a public speaker, fighting HIV stigma, and working to improve representation of women living with HIV, increase understanding of their unique issues and the response to their needs,” says Mark Misrok, president of the board of directors for National Working Positive Coalition.

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