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Activists Alarmed by Missing HIV Strategy Page on


The transition of power also came with several broken links dedicated to LGBT, civil rights, and climate change.

The LGBT webpage of no longer exists.

Visitors to the page, which was formerly dedicated to highlighting LGBT rights and their advancement, found a broken link Friday, stating, "The requested page '/lgbt' could not be found."

GLAAD, the LGBT media watchdog oranziation, also noted that a search for "LGBT" also yielded no results on the White House's official website. On Instagram, the group contrasted the empty search page with an archived screen shot of what it looked under the Obama administration.

"A search for 'LGBT' day one of the Obama administration vs. a search for 'LGBT' day one of the Trump administration," GLAAD stated in the caption. Friday, of course, marked Inauguration Day, which is also the day the website of Donald Trump's presidency was put into place.

Commenters were not pleased with the page's disappearance.

"Disgusting. Absolutely pitiful that we have these soulless monsters in the White House," wrote Jose Carlos. Many expletives from other users followed.

Yet "LGBT" was not the only page to vanish once Trump took the Oath of Office. Pages devoted to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, civil rights, climate change, and the White House Council on Women and Girls have also disappeared.

In addition, the Department of Labor's "Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights" report web page is now a broken link.

Trump and his administration have vowed to erase Obama's achievements — which include contributions to civil rights, environmental protections, and health care — upon coming into power. However, the broken links, while ominous to some, may also be a symptom of a choppy transition.

[Editor's Note: according to the fact-cheeking site Snopes, the information on these sites has been transferred to However, no one knows if or when new pages might be available indicating the new administration's policy on these topics. 1/20/2017 1:30 PM PST)

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