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Video: Pedro Zamora’s Real World Castmates Discuss His Enduring Legacy


If you are of a certain age (say, mid-40s or older), it's likely that you know the name Pedro Zamora. The bright young activist made an enormous and lasting impact on an entire generation when he publicly shared his battle with HIV during a time when stigma and ignorance ruled. And sadly, that same generation saw just how devasting the effects of HIV could be when, at the tender age of 22, Zamora died due to complications of the virus around the same time the last episode of The Real World: San Francisco aired in 1994.

Today, some 27 years later, +Life TV’s host Karl Schmid sat down with Zamora’s former castmates and close friends, Pam Ling and Judd Winick (who have remained a couple since their season ended). In the discussion, Ling and Winick reflect on Zamora's life and lasting impact, the current state of HIV stigma, and the advances in science that have been made since his passing. 

Watch an exclusive clip from their discussion below:

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