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Treatment as Prevention

Injectable HIV treatment, prevention: Everything you need to know

So much has changed when it comes to injectables — get some clarity here.

The FDA Says This Group Can Now Use Biktarvy Safely

The once-daily regimen for those with HIV can now be prescribed to those with a common treatment resistance.

Why We Still Need a National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Transmission rates of HIV are still highest among gay and bi men.

Kamala Harris Clarifies Her HIV Policy Positions

An HIV policy survey was sent by the ACT Now: End AIDS Coalition to all major presidential candidates. Here's one response.

PrEP Use Up 500 Percent In Just Three Years

A recent study shows significance increase in awareness and use of PrEP among at-risk men, but more work needs to be done.

FDA Approves Two New HIV Treatments

The new drugs are welcome alternatives to those starting an antiretroviral treatment.

When Will HIV Be Stopped With a Shot?

Promising new research thrusts HIV vaccines into the spotlight.

HIV Rates Drop in South Africa, Coinciding with Mandela's Centenary

New HIV transmission rates are down in the African country, but does it make up for Madiba's early missteps?

$75K Granted for Drug Resistance Test

The Campbell Foundation bestows large grant to Stanford researchers to continue developing an HIV drug resistance test.

U=U Is Proven in Gay Partner Study

The data confirmed what the science has maintained at the #AIDS2018 conference in Amsterdam today. 

Symtuza Approved for U.S. Use

The latest FDA approved HIV medication is a single regimen option for those beginning treatment.

Universal Antibody for HIV-1 Unveiled in Hong Kong

Researchers believe the drug could work much longer than daily antiretrovirals or PrEP.

One Pill To Rule Them All

Scientists discover a new way to deliver HIV meds via a once-a-week capsule, and it just might change the world.

Pioneering Global Leader in the Fight Against HIV has Died

David Cooper played a crucial role in developing the drug trials for many of the HIV medications currently on the market and saving lives today.

Multi-Resistant HIV Drug Is Last Hope for Some

The FDA has approved a years-in-development treatment for multidrug-resistant HIV, a boon for those who've become resistant to most or all available HIV meds.

Could this Long-Lasting PrEP Pill Change Everything?

Researchers from New York’s Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center presented a new long-lasting PrEP pill at the 25th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI).

Innovative Program Links Ex-Inmates with Critical HIV Care

UCLA has developed an intervention program called LINK LA that connects ex-inmates to continuous healthcare once they are out of jail and helps them maintain their viral suppression in the outside world.

NY Investigates Insurance Denials for PrEP Use

A controversial case has launched a state investigation of discriminatory and unethical insurance practices.

Latest Case Of PrEP Failure Has Loose Ends

Despite data showing a man became HIV-positive while practicing PrEP, researchers have a theory that he became poz after stopping PrEP.