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Reyataz Might Avoid Antacids' Effects

Reyataz Might Avoid Antacids' Effects


Although several studies have shown antacid medications'including over-the-counter treatments like Tums and Pepcid as well as prescription H2 blockers and proton-pump inhibitors'interact badly with protease inhibitors, a new study suggests Reyataz might not be affected. Researchers in Paris compared blood-based concentrations of Reyataz in two groups: 13 HIV patients who took both the protease inhibitor and a proton-pump inhibitor, and 79 HIVers taking only Reyataz. There was no difference between the two groups. 'In clinical practice, proton-pump inhibitors appear to be compatible with boosted Reyataz therapy,' the researchers wrote in the November 4 edition of the journal AIDS, but they cautioned that a large-scale study is needed to confirm their findings.

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