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World AIDS Day

Reflecting on World AIDS Day

Reflecting on World AIDS Day

Equalpride's Mark Berryhill shares his thoughts on a disease that's impacted our community for over four decades.

World AIDS Day serves as a reminder for unity, education, and advocacy in eradicating the stigma surrounding this global health crisis. At equalpride, we stand unwaveringly beside every individual and family affected by HIV/AIDS, offering our support, understanding, and a platform for their stories to be heard.

As the nation's leading LGBTQ+ media company, we recognize the power of storytelling to inspire change. Today, we amplify the voices of those impacted by HIV/AIDS, sharing stories of strength, resilience, and hope. Through these narratives, we aim to challenge stereotypes, dispel myths, and foster a sense of unity within our community.

Equalpride and its family of brands remain committed to our mission of providing a platform that empowers and unites the LGBTQ+ community. Through our content, events, and initiatives, we strive to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding HIV/AIDS.

This World AIDS Day, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of a world free from discrimination and prejudice. Together, we can break down barriers, educate one another, and support those affected by HIV/AIDS with empathy and compassion.

In solidarity,

Mark Berryhill
CEO, equalpride

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