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For National Child Health Day: On Raising Kids With HIV

For National Child Health Day: On Raising Kids With HIV

The video-based parenting website Kids In The House has a playlist dealing with a wide range of topics including learning acceptance, LGBT teens and depression, same-sex adoption, and much more. The award winning site offers more than 8,000 videos from 450 experts, includes videos from notable same-sex parents and adoption experts including Billy Horn and Scout Masterson of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and Wendy Walsh, cohost of the CBS show The Doctors.

In addition to videos aimed at LGBT kids or parents, there's a nice selection of videos about children and HIV, including issues that speak to many parents like overcoming adversitity, how to tell if your kid is being bullied, adopting a child with HIV and when or how to disclose to the school if your child is positive.  Here are a few of our favorites:


Langka Treadwell, adoptive mother of 7, discusses the process of disclosing your children's HIV status to the school.



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