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Sangamo BioSciences has launched a Phase I clinical trial of experimental medication SB-728-T, which aims to suppress HIV by modifying a portion of human DNA to prevent immune system cells from creating CCR5 surface receptors. The company believes a one-time exposure to the medication would create a permanent population of CD4 cells naturally resistant to HIV. --------------------- HIVers who experience treatment failure on an Aptivus-based regimen will still likely benefit later from a Prezista-based regimen, according to a study in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. More than half of HIVers who began Prezista after a failed Aptivus regimen showed improvements in viral suppression. --------------------- A once-daily regimen of Viramune, Viread, and Epivir is associated with early virologic failure, researchers warn in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. More than 22% of HIVers in a study who were taking the combination experienced early nonresponse. --------------------- An ongoing Phase III clinical trial of integrase inhibitor Isentress has shown the medication is as effective in reducing viral levels in treatment-naive HIVers as the nonnucleoside analog Sustiva. Isentress is currently approved for only treatment-experienced patients. --------------------- A meta-analysis of 11 previous clinical trials published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases has proved what HIV caregivers had believed: HIVers adhere better to once-daily antiretroviral regimens than those taken more frequently. --------------------- Early studies of experimental anti-HIV drugs GS-9350, developed by Gilead Sciences, and SPI-452, developed by Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, have shown that the compounds may eventually rival protease inhibitor Norvir as drug-boosting agents in antiretroviral cocktails; both have chemical mechanisms similar to Norvir. --------------------- Osteoporosis medication zoledronate is effective in improving bone loss in HIV-positive adults, a study in the journal AIDS has shown. HIVers taking zoledronate for 12 months posted significant improvements in bone density, particularly in the hips. --------------------- British researchers report a case study of a 45-year-old HIV-positive man who suppressed HIV viral levels through use of only the anti-hepatitis B medication Tyzeka. The scientists believe the hepatitis treatment has anti-HIV activity and are planning additional studies of the drug. --------------------- A Phase II/IIb human clinical trial of the experimental HIV microbicide PRO2000 has shown that the gel was at least 30% effective in preventing HIV transmission from men to women during sex. --------------------- A human trial of the experimental nonnuke gel UC781, under development as a vaginal microbicide, has shown the gel is also safe and well-tolerated for use as a rectal HIV preventive product, according to University of California, Los Angeles, researchers. --------------------- Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University are developing an experimental preventive HIV vaccine to prime effector memory T cells to recognize and attack the virus when it first penetrates the body's mucosal tissues. Animal tests have shown the technique protected two thirds of vaccinated subjects.

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