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Stress and the City

Stress and the City


Unemployment. High housing costs. Pollution. Traffic. Expensive groceries and gas. Crime. Crowds. America's 10 most stressful cities, according to, have them all. Many of the 10 also are, unfortunately, home to a large number of HIVers. Here's a list of's 10 most stressful U.S. cities, ranked in descending order from the most hair-pullingly frustrating. And in parentheses following each city is its ranking by the Centers for Disease Control of U.S. cities with the highest number of AIDS cases, as of 2006. Is your city among them? 1) Chicago (6) 2) New York City (1) 3) Detroit (14) 4) Los Angeles (2) 5) San Francisco (4) 6) San Diego (13) 7) Cleveland (30) 8) Salt Lake City, Utah (not in the top 50) 9) Providence, R.I. (32) 10) Philadelphia (7)

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