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Destress in Minutes!

Destress in Minutes!


Can you spare five minutes? That's all you need to get a handle on your stress with these superquick stress-busting techniques: Catch some rays: Sunlight enhances the effects of mood-stabilizing brain chemicals like serotonin. Take a virtual vacation: Close your eyes and envision a relaxing or soothing setting. Jump rope: The repetitive motion makes you feel relaxed and the exercise releases feel-good endorphins. Play some tunes: Choose music that triggers a positive memory or image. Take deep breaths: Although long the standard-bearer of stress release, it really does work. Recite the alphabet'backwards: Concentrating on the letters makes you forget about what was stressing you. Seek support:: A quick phone call or e-mail message can help you feel more connected and supported. LOL: A good laugh lowers your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Get your groove on: Sex, like exercise, releases endorphins. Lavender up: The essential oil has been linked with feelings of tranquility. And for new moms'give your baby a soothing massage: Relieving a cranky infant's stress can be a huge step toward managing yours.

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