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Happy Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day?


OK, so if you're single and you're not as thrilled about being unattached as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, Valentine's Day may not be the happiest of holidays. And to add insult to injury studies have shown that having a steady romantic or life partner can be a boost to your both your physical and mental health, not to mention help you better stick to your antiretroviral drug regimen. On the other hand, there are some serious upsides to being single, right? You never have to hand over the remote. You can leave the seat up (or down, as the case may be). You don't need to erase your Web browser's history after spending all night on the Internet. You can shamelessly blubber away while you screen Love Story, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, An Affair to Remember, Brokeback Mountain, Waiting to Exhale, The Notebook' There's a bounty of choices. So, single guys and gals, aside from possibly torturing yourselves with a sobfest movie marathon, we'd love to hear what you're doing to celebrate (or curse) St. Valentine's Day. Please copy the seven questions below and paste them into an e-mail, type your answers to your heart's content, and send them to Be sure to include us your name and tell us in which city you live in case we want to follow up with you to clarify any points. (1) What will you be doing to honor Valentine's Day this year? (2) What's the best -- and worst -- Valentine's Day experience you've ever had? (3) What's the one thing you miss about being single? Otherwise, what's the one thing you miss about not being in a relationship? (4) What's the one thing about singledom you're happiest (or you'll be happiest, if you're single) to not have to deal with anymore? (5) What's the most important quality you look for -- or that you have found -- in a mate? (6) When looking for dates or romantic partners, how important is it to you that he or she also be HIV-positive? (7) What's the one thing a mate can do -- or not do (like not bathing) -- that would send you running for the hills?

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