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Fit in the City

Fit in the City


It turns out Washington, D.C., isn't just a hotbed of political power and intrigue -- it's also the most physically fit large U.S. city, according to the American College of Sports Medicine's American Fitness Index. Analyzing a wide range of personal data (the percentage of residents who smoke, are obese, have diabetes, etc.) and data on local resources (the number of parks, farmers' markets, crime rates, etc.), the organization came up with the following rankings, from most- to least-fit: ' Washington, D.C. ' Minneapolis-St. Paul ' Denver ' Boston ' San Francisco ' Seattle ' Portland, Ore. ' San Diego ' Austin ' Virginia Beach, Va. San Francisco was the only city with a large number of HIVers to make the top 10. Other locales home to large HIV-positive populations and their rankings included: New York City, 22; Chicago, 25; Los Angeles, 30; and Miami, 31. The most unfit large city, according to the analysis: Oklahoma City.

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