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I Have Something To Tell You...

I Have Something To Tell You...


Tested negative on National HIV Testing day? Then congratulations -- keep on living your life safely and responsibly. But for those whose tests came back positive, one of the next steps of many will be to alert previous sexual partners that they may want to also be tested. Here's a few tips for relaying the news: 1. Firstly, don't panic. And realize the sooner you alert others, the sooner they can get diagnosed and possibly treated. 2. Grab the phone, get together, or type an email. Be honest and up-front about your status, and deliver the information. Be sure to be discreet, as others may not want their status known by everyone else in their social circle. 3. If you're worried about disclosing your own identity, allows you to anonymously send e-cards to previous sexual partners in English, Spanish, and French. A few of our personal picks:

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