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Tips+Tools: Bringing Up Baby

Tips+Tools: Bringing Up Baby

Getting Help The National Perinatal HIV Consultation and Referral Service provides free 24-hour consultation and advice about HIV-infected pregnant women and their infants as well as indications for'and interpretations of'rapid and standard HIV testing in pregnancy. It can also give referrals to local perinatal HIV specialists. (888) 448-8765. Men Can Too! Believe it or not, an HIV-positive man can impregnate his partner without passing on HIV, thanks to a procedure known as sperm washing. The man provides a sperm sample to a fertility clinic, which is able to separate the sperm from the infectious seminal fluid and, in doing so, nearly eliminate the chance of infection when the little guys are implanted into the woman. This process comes at a hefty price, though: about $10,000 a pop. Seek Out Support To get more information about pregnancy services available in your area, visit You also can find services through your local AIDS service organization at
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