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New Animated Series Aims To Teach Young People About HIV Prevention

HIV animation
Credit: AMAZE

Young people are often left at the mercy HIV stigma, but one animated series aims to school them with facts instead of fear. 

While new HIV diagnoses have decreased through black, Latinx, and white communities in general, unfortunately we have also seen an increase of HIV cases among gay identified males ages 13 to 14, and among men between 24 and 29. 

Overall, there has been a surge of new HIV diagnoses in people between 13 and 24 of all orientations, genders, and races. Following the release the statistics, AMAZE decided to release a new video that schools young people on HIV prevention and treatment. 

Backed by Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health, AMAZE’s videos, which also tackle gender expression, sexual orientation, puberty, and gender identity, have received millions of views in only six months. 

The videos act as a tool for parents, educators, and young people to have an open discussion about testing and common misconceptions about HIV and other STIs. 

With the kind of statistics we’re seeing, viewer-friendly videos like are extremely beneficial. And it’s not just for young HIV-negative people. 

According to a new study examining 991 HIV-positive people between ages 15 and 26, it was discovered that HIV-positive men and transgender women with detectable viral loads were more likely to have barrier free anal sex than those who were undetectable — and that condom use was closely related to substance abuse.

Education is something everyone needs to be discussing, and it starts with videos like these. 

Take a look: 

Click HERE to watch more of AMAZE's videos. 

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