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WATCH: Meditation Decreases HIV-Related Problems by 51 Percent

WATCH: Meditation Decreases HIV-Related Problems by 51 Percent


Poz people share the effects meditation has had on their lives, including increased T-cell counts.

A new video from the David Lynch Foundation in San Francisco seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of transcendental meditation on HIV patients.

In the video, which you can watch below Nora and Michael explain how they learned about meditation through the San Francisco AIDS foundation and that meditation helped increase their T-cell count, lower their stress levels, and overall improve their health.

According to the David Lynch Foundation, HIV positive people who practice transcendental meditation see a 51 percent decrease in HIV-related physical problems, and 43 percent saw an increase in vitality, among other health benefits.

You can also hear more from Michael in an interview with the Huffington Post here

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