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Readers Sound Off

Readers Sound Off

Lovin' Comes Easy I really enjoyed your article on how to successfully date someone who is HIV-negative ['Don't Ask, Don't Tell? No Way!' July]. I was married in December 2002, and my husband is positive. I knew he was positive before he invited me out to have coffee in an effort to gauge my attitude about HIV. The wonderful news is that HIV is such a small issue for us. It helps that I have worked in the field of HIV since 1988 and have a wealth of information. Still, I am constantly acquiring new information as it becomes available. I go with my husband for his quarterly checkup, to read over his labs, and to discuss his medication regimen and any side effects that he might be experiencing. I have learned that loving and being married to someone who is HIV-positive brings the same issues as being married to someone who is not. All marriages have problems. It is how we handle them that counts! Sandra Wearins Baltimore Insist on Protection I read your story about women infected with HIV by their partners with a mix of sympathy and concern ['Secrets & Lies,' July]. While my heart goes out to everyone infected with HIV, we all must insist on protecting ourselves through safer sex even if our hearts tell us otherwise. Deborah Williams via e-mail Keep Up With Developments Thank you for including my story about my case against McDonald's Corp.'when I was fired after 21 years of employment for being HIV-positive'in your article about workplace discrimination lawsuits ['No More Tears,' May 2004]. Could you let readers know that they can visit a Web site I have set up''to learn more regarding this terrible injustice and my compelling story? Thank you again! Russell Rich Akron, Ohio Your Work Helps With Ours I am writing regarding the wonderful article on how HIV workers are teaching religious leaders in the black church to preach medically accurate information about HIV ['Seeing the Light,' February]. As a social worker in our local wellness clinic, I found it to be very informative and a potential aid in outreach to local ministers. We believe its impact will be highly significant in our still deeply stigmatized rural area. Thank you for the critical role you play in normalizing HIV and AIDS for our patients who still stay so isolated out of fear of abandonment and even abuse'unfortunately, with realistic experiences to support those fears. Keep publishing these critically helpful articles! Yours is one of the best I've seen. Perhaps together we can put a dent in this tragedy'or at least make traveling its journey easier for some. Godspeed in your work. Vanessa J. Walker Brunswick, Ga. High Praise I have been HIV-positive since 1995, and I have to say that you have a great magazine. God bless you all for your work in this world in fighting this epidemic. Joyce McDonald 'From the Shooting Gallery to the Art Gallery' Joyce McDonald Ministries Brooklyn, N.Y.
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