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Readers Sound Off

Readers Sound Off

Off and Running Thanks for the piece on immune-boosting foods ['Good Eats,' July]. I've been spending time over the past few weeks searching for just the right book that would give me info about ways to keep my health in top shape by eating more of certain foods and less of others. You've given me my kick start! Ken wright Via e-mail Knows the Feeling I can relate to your article very much [Native Tongue, July]. My biggest complaint since being diagnosed has been fatigue. I am currently on disability and don't want to be. I have no energy even to enjoy my time off. I have a very hard time working out or socializing. It sucks. Robin D. Via e-mail Moved by Strength Mr. Whitfield, your last two articles have been difficult for me to handle [Native Tongue, April and May]. I am new to the HIV field'one year. My job is to help others find work that is rewarding and stable and hopefully pays more than they have to pay in expenses. I hear some of what you have written about from my clients and coworkers; however, never to the extent you describe. How do you manage to get up and write? And write in a manner that makes your life come to life on the page? I would love to help the folks I work with have that ability. I hear the trials, the stories, etc., but three fourths of the stories end with 'and that's why I didn't go to work,' 'didn't make our appointment,' 'didn't go to the job interview.' I find myself wondering, Man, how is this person ever going to survive? Not just feed himself but get a life going, get a GED, get to the doctor for meds, etc.? In any event, thanks for your articles and letting me rant. I truly hope you are feeling better. Music has helped me through some stuff too. Gotta love it! Mike McMahon Syracuse, N.Y. Hitting a Chord Mahalo for sharing how music has been so integral to dealing with the curves life has brought our way [Native Tongue, April]. I too have found the poetry to express vividly what I am barely grasping to understand, let alone articulate, as I mobilize to deal with the latest health crisis. Also important is making music. The healing is palpable when in the midst of an ensemble, and it helps if we are playing in tune! David Via e-mail Striving to Stay Aware I always learn something new every time I pick up an issue of HIV Plus. Behind prison walls it's always difficult to have access to updated information on treatment concerns. I go through hell getting my hands on HIV information at times. Keep up the great work. We all appreciate it. William Lopez Marcy Correctional Facility Marcy, N.Y. Finding Empowerment I stay tuned to every issue of your magazine. I've been HIV-positive for well over a year, but I find it's not that big of a deal'as life is for someone with cancer, diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, etc. Since finding out my status, I have done a lot of life restructuring and searching for peace of mind. Yes, I am healthy'all the way'and others who don't abuse themselves can be too. I keep up with the doc always and enjoy life'no more, no less than before, but I enjoy it. Ian Via e-mail
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