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Regimens that include CCR5 blockers could boost CD4-cell counts more than regimens with other antiretroviral drugs, according to data from 16 clinical trials. After 24 weeks of treatment, regimens including entry inhibitors boosted CD4 counts by an average of 32 cells more than other regimens. -------------------- Resistance is slow to develop against Prezista, according to a study in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. A higher number of viral mutations are needed for HIV to develop resistance to Prezista than to other protease inhibitors, making it particularly effective for treatment-experienced HIVers. In other Prezista news, drugmaker Tibotec has issued a letter to health care providers warning that the protease inhibitor can cause liver damage, including the development of hepatitis and in rare cases even death. Tibotec urges that liver function tests be given to HIVers before and during Prezista treatment. -------------------- Researchers report in the journal AIDS that one reason protease inhibitors can boost cardiac risks is the meds increase blood-based levels of fibrinogen, a protein that hastens hardening of the arteries. Fibrinogen levels were highest among people taking Crixivan and Norvir. -------------------- Recombinant human growth hormone can boost thymus function and subsequently increase CD4-cell production, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. HIVers not experiencing CD4 rebounds while on antiretroviral therapy saw increased CD4 levels while treated with growth hormone. -------------------- The Food and Drug Administration has issued new pediatric dosing recommendations for Reyataz, saying dosages for children ages 6'18 should be based on body weight, not age or stage of disease progression. -------------------- Sustiva and Viramune cause higher blood-based concentrations of the nonnukes among African-American HIVers, researchers reported at the 9th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV Therapy. A mutation in a key gene related to the metabolization of the drugs is common among African-Americans, which results in higher medication absorption.

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