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Salt-N-Pepa Classic Redone for PrEP Video

WATCH: Catchy Cover of Salt 'N' Pepper Classic Replaces Sex with PrEP

New Let’s Talk About PrEP video is a fun and hot summer single.

A new song and music video could be all it takes to make the difference between educating others about preventable HIV transmission.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a special kind of gift to our generation. Sex life doesn’t have to put on hold because of HIV, thanks to the development of drugs that can aid in prevention and lower the risk of HIV infection.

PrEP has entered the national discourse and this catchy cover song just another example of how the message is being organically disseminated.

On July 27, Chicago based Howard Brown Health released a new PSA and accompanying music video entitled, Let’s Talk About PrEP, to raise awareness about PrEP and how it can help fight HIV.  A parody of Salt-N-Pepa’s 1991 hit Let’s Talk About Sex, the song is sung by Chicago-based rapper KC Ortiz featuring Big Dipper.

Born and raised in Chicago, KC Ortiz is an artist, musician, writer, and entertainer “doing what she loves the most,” according to her SoundCloud account. Not to be confused with an indie rock band of the same name, Big Dipper is a rapper that self-identifies as a “bear” and frequently includes quirky references about the hirsute, hairy sub-community that is found within the gay community. Big Dipper’s raunchy gay-themed videos have gone viral and are part of the reason why he’s a topic of conversation in the gay community.

Big_dipperBig Dipper

“This song is about conversation – we need to talk about PrEP and HIV in our community,” said KC Ortiz. “When we talk to our partners and our loved ones about sexual health, we are eliminating stigma. Let’s talk about sex. Let’s talk about HIV. Let’s talk about PrEP.”

The video also features a handful of cameos including comic Tien Tran and Chicago drag star Lucy Stoole.

Screen_shot_2018-08-01_at_7Tien Tran

Screen_shot_2018-08-01_at_7Lucy Stoole

Howard Brown Health is often touted as “the largest LGBT healthcare organization in the Midwest.” One of its missions is to eliminate the disparities in healthcare that LGBTQ people endure on a daily basis. The organization has provided infectious disease screening for over 32,000 people per year.

“Howard Brown Health is thrilled to present this exciting music video as an advocacy and awareness platform for HIV prevention,” said Erik Roldan, Director of Communications for Howard Brown Health. “ Let’s Talk about PrEP is both a celebration and a call to action – we are on the precipice of an HIV-free generation, and PrEP is one of the tools we need to get us there. However, we must continue to increase PrEP access among communities who need it, particularly people of color on the south side of Chicago.”

Watch the video below.




Imagination + Muscle Productions produced the music video, and it was directed by Tobin Del Cuore and filmed throughout Chicago.  One of the filming locations includes Howard Brown’s Andersonville Brown Elephant resale shop.  The project was funded by a grant from the Illinois Community Health Foundation.

Let’s start talking about PrEP and HIV, because they aren’t anything to be afraid of.




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