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How to Cope When Life Feels So Uncertain

How to Cope When Life Feels So Uncertain


We want certainty, but so much of life just isn’t under our control.

Life is Random.  

Ever had one of those weeks (or months or years) when it feels like the universe has it in for you?  Job problems.  Money problems.  Relationship problems.  What’s next?  

It seems that we are always being reminded that life is random. With the evidence being those events that seem to come out of the blue and drop into your lap. Or course, random events aren’t always bad.  But when they are, and when you get hit with a couple of them at once, life can feel like an uphill climb.  

It is human nature to want life want to feel like we are in control, that we can keep life pretty much the same every day, or that we can change it when we feel like it. We want certainty.  But so much of life isn’t under our control.  And when those unexpected challenges come out of the blue, life can feel uncertain, if not downright shaky.  “What’s next?”  is a good question.  And one that only the next moment in time can answer.  
Chronic conditions like HIV certainly bring home the reminder that life is uncertain.  You may be thinking: Okay, I get that.  But come on now.  Another curveball?  Really?  

But take a step back and take a look at the big picture of your life. Start by reviewing your foundation.  Your talents and skills.  Your support system.  The things you enjoy doing.  What gives your life meaning.  And your self-care, which makes everything else possible.  We all need to be responsible for nurturing our own foundation.  

It might help to take that step back pretty often. To ask yourself if you are maintaining the balance we all need in life.  To assess how you are feeling — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Be ready to make a few tweaks to keep yourself on track. I guess the word here is proactive. Be proactive.

And as for what’s next, remember that life is an adventure.  

Balance is everything.  Make yourself your number one priority.  Each and every day.  Keep strengthening your foundation and you will be that much more ready for the next wave to roll in.  


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