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Trump Joked About Forcing Princess Diana To Have An HIV Test

Trump Joked About Forcing Princess Diana To Have An HIV Test

During a November 1997 interview, the President of the United States boasts that he could have had sex with Princess Diana. 

A newly surfaced video reveals a shocking display of the ignorance of President Donald Trump, as he spoke candidly to radio host Howard Stern on giving women an HIV test before having sex with them during the height of the AIDS Crisis.

In new excerpts from the November 1997 interview, released anonymously to Fact Base, Trump boasts about how he could have had sex with Princess Diana while also joking about forcing her to have an HIV test. 

When Stern asked how he managed to not contract STIs during that period, Trump replied: “It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world, it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider.”

He later compared vaginas to “potential landmines” and that “there’s some real danger there.” 

Adding on to the topic, Stern asked: “Why do people think it's egotistical of you to say that you've gotten Lady Di, right? You could've gotten her, right? You could've nailed her.” 

“Yeah, but could you have sent her to the doctor?” cohost Robin Quivers asks, referring to forced HIV tests. 

“Of course,” Trump answers. “I don't know, maybe that one, that was a tough one.” 

“Hey, Lady Di, would you go to the doctor?” Stern quips. Then Trump bites back: “Go back over to my Lexus because I have a new doctor, we wanna give you a little check up.” 

“Lady Di you would've gone out with. Not that she was not attractive,” said Stern. 

“She was actually really beautiful,” Trump replies. “… I thought she was supermodel beautiful. I'm telling you, I said this the other day. I said Lady Di had supermodel beauty… She had times, you know, it was interesting, she had times when she didn't look great, and sometimes you look better than anybody in the world. But she was super model… She had the height, she had this, she had magnificent skin. She really had -- she was a great beauty —.” 

The interview continues to describe an experience when Princess Diana sent Trump a letter, thanking him for flowers he’d sent after — he alleges — a “personal favor” he did for her. 

Skip to 29:45 to hear the discussion: 

To this day, Princess Diana is revered as being one of the first highly publicized HIV activists.

Elton John describes her in the new documentary Diana Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, saying: “[AIDS] was considered to be a gay disease. And for someone who was within the Royal Family, and who was a woman, and who was straight—to have someone care from the other side was an incredible gift."

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