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Georgia Woman Speaks Out About Monkeypox Pain & Lack of Treatment

photo by Klaus Nielsen/Pexels

While there are MPV treatment options available, the woman says she was only offered Tylenol and sent on her way,

Camille Seaton recently shared her "extremely painful" experience with People magazine of battling monkeypox without receiving the vaccine or antiviral treatments. 

Seaton first noticed pimple-like lesions forming on the face on July 11 and, after the lesions progressed very quickly, she brought herself to the hospital where she tested positive for the monkeypox virus (MPV)

In addition to the lesions, Seaton experienced a fever, rash, headaches, fatigue, and joint and muscle pain.  "The lesions on my face were the first to pop up, and the bumps stayed on my face for a whole week and a half. And when my face started healing, bumps started appearing on my body," Seaton told People

"​​It really attacks you and takes a toll on you. It's very, very painful. I want people to know that it's here, and it's spreading. It's not a joke," she adds, "I have a lot on my hands, so it was hard for me to do anything with my hands, I couldn't hold my phone. I couldn't do anything around the house. I couldn't even fold my clothes. It was extremely painful."

While receiving care at the hospital, Seaton described it as “a waiting game” since she was only offered Tylenol for the fever and was being treated for the strep she had also contracted. 

The Jynneos smallpox vaccine can used for monkeypox provention before or after infection, according to the CDC. Additionally, there are antiviral treatments for more severe cases of monkeypox called tecovirimat (TPOXX). Neither were administered to Seaton. 

"The healing process for monkeypox ranges from anywhere from two to four weeks, some people are fine in a week, some people are fine in two weeks, some people take the whole four weeks. In my case, I took three and a half weeks to heal." Seaton added,  "I can do what I can for the scars…they will fade, but you will forever notice that they're there." 

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